Aluminium Impact Extrusions for Defence Applications

Ashfield have a long history of serving leading defence organisations both in the UK, Europe and USA.

Applications include:

• Countermeasure decoy cases (118 & 128*)
• 38/40 mm cartridge cases
• 1” and 25.4 mm case
• Signal flares
• Smoke canisters and grenade bodies
• Detonators and fuse bodies
• Ogives
• Nose cones
• Impulse cartridges
• Less lethal cartridges 38 & 40mm
• Rocket motors and flight tubes

Tactile marking is easily applied to military or commercial products, mechanically or by external coating and printing. Customer identification can often be embossed into bases at the extrusion stage saving any additional unit on cost.

*128 non heat treated version